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Do you find yourself feeling frustrated, insecure or powerless? Are you tired of struggling with yourself, God and others? You are not alone. I can relate and so can so many other dynamic and amazing women like you. I struggled for years feeling powerless and frustrated with my life, not sure how to relate to God, even though I had a deep faith in Him. And I certainly did not know how to properly relate to myself or others as my life was riddled with insecurity and conflict. But not anymore!

I want to invite you to begin your journey to wholeness with me today. OVERCOMERS is where Faith, Practical Skills for living and Community combine to empower you to become everything God made you to be. I believe that you have so much to give! That is why I want to help you to overcome the obstacles standing in the way of living your purpose and finding fulfillment.

Most women never get there simply because we make one or more of these 7 mistakes that keep us feeling frustrated, insecure and powerless. We...

  1. 1. Love and give without healthy boundaries
  2. 2. Don't invest in our own personal/spiritual/relational growth
  3. 3. Look for internal security from external sources
  4. 4. Don't apply the Wisdom of God's Word to our everyday lives
  5. 5. Buy the lie that we have no control and therefore live an out of control life
  6. 6. Fail to love ourselves and therefore limit our ability to receive love from God and others
  7. 7. Don't benefit from the support of a like-minded community of believers because we try to do it alone

Let's overcome together!


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Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Proverbs 4:23